Worst Immunizations for Seniors

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Immunizations to Avoid in Elders

Vaccines can have many benefits for seniors who want to avoid serious illnesses such as the flu and pneumonia. Yet, it is important to know that certain immunizations are no longer helpful or safe for those over a certain age or who have underlying health conditions. Here are a few immunizations for seniors the Palm Desert caregivers at Home Care Assistance recommend giving a second thought.

Regular Flu Vaccine

Although senior adults should make sure to get their flu shot every year, those over the age of 65 may find that the general flu vaccination no longer generates an immune response that will ward away illness. Instead, they should talk to their physician about a high-dose flu vaccination that may be more effective. Those over 50 should also avoid the nasal spray vaccine.

Shingles Vaccine

The herpes zoster, or shingles, vaccine can prevent the development of a blistering rash in those who have ever had chickenpox. The vaccine is approved for those 50 and older. However, many senior adults have health conditions that put them at risk for dangerous side effects. Those who have a weakened immune system due to AIDS, cancer treatments or who have been taking steroids for a prolonged period of time may not be candidates for this vaccine.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

Those who travel to a location where yellow fever is a concern may have this vaccination on their recommended list. Unfortunately, this vaccine can be risky for anyone who is over 60, particularly if it is their first time being vaccinated. Although rare, seniors are at risk for developing symptoms such as a high fever or organ failure after vaccination.

Adenovirus Vaccine

The adenovirus is fairly common, yet it can lead to serious respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia. It is not recommended for those over 50 due to the potential risk for having a negative immune response. The vaccine is also administered in pill form, which can be difficult for those who have difficulty swallowing to manage.

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