Tips for a Successful Stroke Recovery

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Stroke Recovery Tips for Elders

Recovering from a stroke can be strenuous, and it takes effort and support to get through many of the challenges presented during recovery. If you’re caring for a stroke survivor, here are seven tips you can share with him or her that will help make their recovery more successful.

Acceptance does not mean giving in or giving up. It simply means allowing things to be as they are at the moment, but at the same time hoping for a better tomorrow. Acceptance is looking forward at what can be rather than looking back at how it was. Your attitude will largely determine your recovery.

Enroll in a stroke recovery program
There are many health professionals who can work together to design a recovery program for you, including speech and occupational therapists. A qualified provider of at-home stroke care in Palm Desert can also offer you assistance during your recovery efforts.

Improve home safety
After a stroke, the chances of falling increase. To avoid further injury, it is good to eliminate any fall risk factors. Ask a family member or caregiver to clear hallways of clutter and remove area rugs among other precautions.

Get help
After a stroke, doing shopping, preparing meals and cleaning up becomes harder, and you will likely need a helping hand around the house. If friends or family are unavailable, you might consider hiring a part-time or live-in caregiver to aid you during recovery.

Change treatment plans often
As a survivor, you are likely to realize major gains within the first few months. Once you realize these, let your doctor know. The doctor will decide whether to adjust your recovery program and incorporate other additional therapies for continued improvement.

Join a stroke recovery group
Knowing that you are not alone makes recovery easier. Aside from the emotional support a recovery group provides, you’ll learn more about stroke, have access to resources, and hear inspiring stroke recovery stories that can help keep you motivated on difficult days.

After your first stroke, you have an increased chance of experiencing a second one. In addition to making dietary changes, exercising regularly will help you manage weight and stress, which is a significant risk factor for a second stroke. Be sure to clear any exercise program with your physician prior to beginning activity.

To learn more about facilitating a successful stroke recovery, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of senior care Palm Desert families trust. Our trained and experienced stroke caregivers can help with everything from grocery shopping to mobility support, promoting a safe, comfortable, and efficient recovery at home. Request a complimentary in-home consultation today by calling (760) 345-0001 and speaking with a friendly Care Manager.



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