How to Stay in Touch with Seniors When You Live in Separate States

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Long Distance Communication with Seniors in Palm Desert, CA

If you live in a different state from your senior loved one, then you may find it frustrating to try to keep up with them. Palm Desert elderly care professionals recommend the following methods to keep in touch with your loved one.

Write Letters

Imagine the joy on your senior loved one’s face when he or she gets a letter from you. Encourage your loved one to write back to you by including a self-addressed stamped envelope. That way, the senior does not have to head to the post office to buy a stamp.

Make Phone Calls

Live-in Palm Desert caregivers believe that seniors love to hear your voice, so make sure to call them often. Encourage the senior to call you to by getting them a cell phone. Most family plans even allow you to add them to your bill, so they do not have to worry about how to meet this expense.

Play a Game

Many families find it fun to play games together. If the senior is able, then challenge him or her to a game on Facebook like Words with Friends. Alternatively, consider challenging the sport’s fan to Fantasy Football.

Use Skype

Seniors who are computer competent often love to visit on Skype because it allows them to see everyone easily. Consider teaching your loved one on your next trip home. Alternatively, consider hiring a local professional to help teach them.

Create a Calendar

Seniors often have many friends. Connect with some of them by sharing your contact information. Help create a calendar so that someone locally can contact your senior loved one on a regular basis.


Encourage your senior loved one to connect with you on Facebook. He or she will probably find many of their friends there as well. That way your loved one will feel less isolated.

Even though you are miles away, connecting with your senior is easy when you use these ideas. Alternatively, you could hire Home Care Assistance to help your loved one age in place with a trusted companion. In addition to offer companionship, we provide premier Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke home care Palm -Desert seniors need to recover from illness or injury at home. Call (760) 345-0001 today to learn more about our comprehensive services and set up a free consultation.



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