Top 4 Senior YouTubers

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Old Age Youtubers in Palm Desert, CA

From ranting to sharing their passions, these senior YouTube stars have found a way to connect with people and are creating waves on the internet. Palm Desert, CA, in-home elder care professionals discuss senior YouTube stars that are true inspirations and prove seniors are never too old to build an online presence and a dedicated fan base.

1. Mary Jo Shannon 

Shannon is a hilarious 85-year-old viral star who can be found on her Grandma Mary YouTube channel. She created this channel because she wanted to become famous before she dies. Every week her more than 55,000 dedicated subscribers laugh hysterically as they listen to her talking bluntly about everything from song lyrics to celebrity shoes. Shannon reenacts commercials and clips of movies, which her followers absolutely love.

2. Tim Rowett 

Rowett is a 73-year-old senior who can be found on his popular Grand Illusions YouTube channel that has over 460,000 subscribers. He has collected over 20,000 toys and gadgets, which are his pride and joy. Rowett captivates his audience with demonstrations of his toys and his explanations of their mechanisms. He claims he is a private man, but his passion for entertaining and educating fuels his desire to create videos about his unique toys. 

3. Dr. Phyllis Collins 

Collins is a 72-year-old inspiration who through her own battle with weight has become a diet and nutrition expert. Many people enthusiastically seek out her Diet Hobby YouTube channel. She has over 3,000 subscribers and dozens of videos that have been viewed over 20,000 times. Collin’s honesty about her challenges with weight, tips for overcoming food addiction, and her encouraging talks on her videos draw people to her channel.

4. Grandma Lill

The Kevin and Lill YouTube channel features a grandson and his grandmother, who is in her 80s. Every Sunday and Thursday, Kevin makes videos of his sassy grandmother Lill doing everything from giving makeup tutorials to talking about seasonal outfit ideas. Their channel has over 500,000 subscribers and more than 46 million views. Kevin quickly learned the key to popularity was incorporating his grandmother into his videos. His grandma’s quick wit, sparkling personality, and unique makeup and fashion tips have quickly made them a household name.

These senior YouTubers are examples of what the elderly can achieve after retirement. If you want to encourage and support your loved one to make creative use of his or her time, get in touch with Home Care Assistance. We provide professional live-in and part-time care. Palm Desert seniors can benefit from a dedicated caregiver assisting them with daily tasks and much more. To find out more about the types of home care services we offer, call (760) 345-0001 and request a free consultation.


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