Help Your Senior Loved One Beat the Heat with These Fun Pool Exercises

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Fun Pool Exercises for Seniors in Palm Desert, CA

Exercise is an integral part of remaining healthy, especially as we grow older. Continued exercise into the senior years decreases the risk of depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and the need for heart disease or post-stroke Palm Desert home care. However, exercising in the heat of summer also courts danger in the forms of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Working out in the pool is a great, low-impact way for seniors to keep active safely during the warm summer months.

Water Aerobics

Aerobics is notorious for being high impact, which can spell disaster for weight-bearing joints. Water aerobics is gentle on joints because the water supports much of the person’s body weight, making it a great option for anyone who wants to stay fit and be kind to their joints at the same time.

Water Polo

Playing organized team sports keeps skills such as spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination sharp, in addition to providing great cardio. The opportunity to meet new friends while getting exercise is also a significant draw for socially minded seniors. Community league senior water polo is usually played in the shallow end of the pool, so your loved one will not be expected to tread water or make deep dives during play which makes it perfect for beginner or intermediate swimmers.

Swimming Laps

While logging many miles in regulation strokes can be hard on a senior’s shoulders, swimming laps in a variety of strokes can provide a whole-body workout. Seniors without strong skills can also enjoy doing laps with the help of a floating body board as this lets the legs do most of the work.

Water Yoga

While water aerobics is usually all about cardio, yoga is more about balance and flexibility. As balance and flexibility play a huge part in avoiding falls and fall-related injuries, yoga is a great option for exercise.

If your senior loved one is looking for a way to get some exercise without overheating, the local pool may be the best option. Contact your local gym, high school or community center to find out about programs in your area. You might also contact Home Care Assistance at (760) 345-0001 for help. We are a trusted home care agency in Palm Desert that enables seniors to age in place while offering them the tools they need to boost longevity and wellbeing. Our dedicated caregivers help with mobility training, daily exercise, and safety monitoring to help your loved one make the most of his or her golden years. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.


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