Top 5 Items that Simplify Life for Seniors with Parkinson’s

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5 Useful Tools for Seniors with Parkinson's in Palm Desert, CA

Parkinson’s can transform what used to be simple daily tasks into seemingly insurmountable challenges that make family members dependent on respite Palm Desert caregivers to help their loved ones overcome these challenges. Luckily, these five tools can help reduce frustration for the senior in your life and restore a sense of control and independence in the face of this challenging condition.

1. Liftware Utensils

Liftware utensils use sensors to detect and neutralize hand tremors, drastically simplifying the process of getting food from plate to mouth. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Liftware utensils reduce utensil shaking by about 70 percent. There are currently spoon, soup spoon, and fork attachments that make eating a breeze for seniors who require PD or post-stroke home care in Palm Desert.

2. Electric Toothbrush

Dental health issues are a common concern for seniors with Parkinson’s as many symptoms associated with the disease, including tremors, can cause oral hygiene habits to fall by the wayside. An electric toothbrush is the perfect tool to help achieve a fluid brushing motion.

3. Adaptive Clothing

There are many clothing options that can allow seniors with Parkinson’s to maintain independence in terms of dressing and undressing. Clothing that has Velcro, magnetic buttons, and snap or zippered closures can make changing a manageable task again.

4. Touch Lamps

Make nighttime navigation simple for a senior with Parkinson’s by eliminating lamps with frustrating on/off switches. Instead, touch lamps are easily turned on and off by touching the metal base, eliminating the need to tinker with tiny turn-screw knobs. You can purchase converter kits to transform traditional lamps into touch-sensitive lamps.

5. Laser Canes and Walkers

Clinical studies have shown that laser lights can assist Parkinson’s patients in overcoming freezing episodes. The laser light acts as a cue to trick the senior’s brain into resuming motion. In addition, the cue also improves the length of stride by giving the brain a target to focus on. Invest in either a specialty attachment for a cane or walker, or a basic laser pointer.

These five simple tools will enable your loved one to maintain some of his or her independence as he or she ages. You can further preserve your loved one’s independence with help from Home Care Assistance in Palm Desert, CA, a reliable provider of senior care in Palm Desert. Our team of dedicated in-home caregivers enable seniors to go about their daily lives in the comfort of home while managing their PD symptoms without compromising their dignity. Call (760) 345-0001 today to learn more about our revolutionary home care from an experienced Care Manager. We will discuss a custom care plan for your senior loved one.


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