Why Does My Senior Loved One Have Night Sweats?

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Understanding Why Seniors Get Night Sweats in Palm Desert, CA

The term night sweats refers to the condition that causes an individual to perspire excessively while asleep. People suffering from this problem often awaken during the night or in the morning with damp or wet bed clothing and bed linens. Night sweats are caused by an underlying medical condition, though hourly Palm Desert caregivers might attribute the cause to being overheated due to room temperature or bundling. There are many different reasons why seniors might have night sweats, including some of the following. 

Bacterial Infections

Though tuberculosis is commonly associated with night sweats, other bacterial infections also produce fevers that can cause excessive perspiration. The bacteria that cause oral abscesses, appendicitis, diverticulitis and tonsillitis are all examples of infections that may lead to excessive sweating day and night. Infections and inflammation of the heart or bone tissue are also causative factors. Diagnosis and treatment of the underlying infection generally remedies the problem. 


Malignancies in the lymphatic system are known to cause people to develop night sweats. Other cancers may also cause excessive sweating. However, people living with undiagnosed tumors also often experience other symptoms depending on the site of the malignancy. 

Hormone Disorders

Carcinoid syndrome, hyperthyroidism and pheochromocytoma are all glandular disorders that affect hormone production and secretion, which leads to night sweats. These hormone disorders can be diagnosed by your loved one’s physician who can prescribe a proper method of treatment.


Diabetic patients taking oral anti-diabetic medications or insulin injections without eating properly may experience a dramatic drop in blood sugar levels. One of the symptoms of hypoglycemia is sweating profusely. Make sure your loved one checks his or her glucose levels regularly to ensure blood sugar remains at healthy levels.


Excessive sweating can occur in men or women as a side effect of taking one of many different medications. Antidepressants, hydralazine, niacin supplements, nitroglycerin, sildenafil, steroids and tamoxifen are all known to cause the condition. Talk with your loved one’s doctor to find out if there are alternative medications your loved one can take to prevent night sweats.


The lack of hormone production and secretion as a woman enters and endures menopause often causes hot flashes that result in extreme sweating during the day and night. The problem continues unless women take hormone replacements or the menopause ceases.

Night sweats are a common issue among seniors that can be treated with the right supervision from dedicated Palm Desert, CA home care providers. Home Care Assistance provides flexible hourly and live-in home care to ensure your loved one receives the help he or she needs anytime of day or night. Whether your loved one requires help getting ready for bed or a gentle reminder to take medications, our expertly trained caregivers are always available. Call (760) 345-0001 today to learn more about our services and schedule a free at-home consultation.


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