Senior Health: Treating Psoriasis Naturally

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If your senior loved one isn’t experiencing adequate relief from current medications or simply wants to supplement his or her current psoriasis treatment, there are a few natural remedies that may help. As a leading provider of home care in Palm Desert, we’ve compiled a few tried and true suggestions.

Get a Massage

Stress can trigger a psoriasis flare-up. A massage, whether by a professional or a loved one, may reduce psoriasis symptoms. It can also alleviate pain caused by psoriatic arthritis.

Learn Yoga

Just like massage, yoga can reduce stress that may make psoriasis symptoms worse. As little as 20 minutes of yoga a day can also improve range of motion and relieve joint pain related to psoriatic arthritis.

Go Gluten-free

Studies show that people with gluten sensitivities are more prone to psoriasis. Eliminating wheat, rye, and barley may reduce psoriasis symptoms and the frequency of psoriasis flares.

Add a Little Spice

Spices such as turmeric and cayenne are natural anti-inflammatories that help treat psoriatic flares and joint pain. These spices are typically found in many Indian, Middle Eastern, and Latin dishes.

Soak and Moisturize

A bath containing Dead Sea salts, Epsom salt, or colloidal oatmeal may help remove dead skin cells and psoriasis plaques. It is best to use lukewarm water and limit the soak to about 15 minutes. It is important to moisturize thoroughly immediately after the bath. The best results can be obtained by using petroleum jelly and wrapping the affected area with kitchen wrap so the moisturizer will stay in place as long as possible.

Avoid Dyes and Perfumes

Fancy soaps and moisturizers typically contain harsh dyes and perfumes that can dry and irritate skin, making psoriasis symptoms worse. The best options are those specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

Remember to Hydrate

Hydration is the key to preventing dry, itchy skin. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day will help hydrate skin from the inside. A room humidifier can help keep skin supple by adding moisture to the air and hydrating skin from the outside. This is especially important during the winter months.

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