6 At-Home Activities for Aging Stroke Survivors

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Home-Based Activities for Elderly Stroke Survivors in Palm Desert, CA

After having a stroke, a senior doesn’t have to give up on returning to independence. Depending on the type of stroke, seniors can strengthen both cognitive and motor skills by doing some simple tasks. Many of these tasks can be performed independently with a few items found around the house or purchased at a discount store. Consider these six activities your senior loved one can do at home after a stroke.

1. Performing Stress Ball Exercises

Stress balls come in different sizes, so they can be easy to use to regain hand strength. Your loved one can squeeze and hold a stress ball in the affected hand. Squeezing and letting go of the ball can strengthen the fingers and hands. Pinching the ball and holding it between two fingers for a short period can also exercise the fingers.

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2. Working on Jigsaw Puzzles

Your loved one can begin by putting together a simple eight-piece jigsaw puzzle. Once your loved one masters a puzzle with a few pieces, he or she can move to a higher-level puzzle with more pieces. Putting together puzzles can enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as your loved one picks up the pieces and looks for the correct spaces in which to place them.

3. Walking

Walking can be done inside the home and might be preferable for a stroke survivor who feels overwhelmed by trying to walk outside. Your loved one can use a walker or cane to take some extra steps around a room. Walking for a few minutes or taking a specific number of steps can help your loved one become accustomed to walking, increase circulation, and build confidence. The area where your loved one walks should be free of tripping hazards, such as cords, clutter, or spills.

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4. Playing Cards

Seniors can use a deck of playing cards to match cards with the same suits or numbers. For example, your loved one might select all the cards with the number five from the deck. Another option is to match face cards. Your loved one can also use playing cards to put numbers in the correct sequence.

5. Doing Matching Activities

Create a simple activity that allows your loved one to match pictures from magazines or family photos to terms or names. Premade word-matching activities are available at retailers that sell teaching materials used with young children.

6. Writing and Tracing

Writing can boost cognitive function, increase fine motor skills, and help seniors relearn a skill that’s valuable for independent living. The first step for a stroke survivor may be to practice picking up a pen or pencil and holding it in the correct writing position. Your loved one can use a pen or pencil to draw short lines to connect dots or alphabet-tracing pads and pencils to trace letters. You can also find printable alphabet-tracing sheets online.

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