Exciting Activities for Visually Impaired Seniors

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Visually Impaired Seniors Activities in Palm Desert, CA

Many seniors with low vision find that their activities are restricted. Therefore, you may need to help your loved senior find things that they can enjoy doing. Below are some fun and easy activities for visually impaired seniors that come highly recommended by Palm Desert elderly care professionals.

Playing an Instrument

Many seniors with poor vision can still play their favorite instruments. If your senior loved one does not play, then consider helping him or her start playing an instrument that he or she may enjoy. Most seniors can pick out a tune on a high-quality xylophone while others will enjoy playing the guitar. Many seniors are surprised to realize how much music they can play by ear or even by touch.

Physical Activity

There are many ways that seniors with poor eyesight can exercise. They may enjoy going on a walk around the block while holding their Palm Desert live-in caregivers’ elbows. Others enjoy dancing or exercising on a machine at home. Seniors who exercise on a regular basis usually enjoy better cardiovascular health, reduced medical issues and improved emotional wellbeing. 

Playing with Pets

Many seniors enjoy the companionship offered by a dog. The senior can enjoy training the dog to do all sorts of tricks, including helping your loved one navigate the house. Other pets, such as cats and rabbits, make playful companions. Sometimes, seniors can even help train service dogs for themselves or other seniors. Many seniors have extreme patience with pets helping them learn new skills easier.

Making Crafts

There are many crafts that seniors can do without very strong eyesight. Some seniors enjoy making pottery while others like to try their hands at knitting or crocheting. Still others enjoy drawing on a raised sketch board. There are even adult coloring books with raised lines. 

Visiting with Others

Seniors often enjoy visiting with others. A large-button phone or one that dials when the senior says a name makes this very easy to do. Seniors with vision problems often enjoy visiting in person at senior citizen centers or at their friends’ homes. This option often allows seniors to meet others in their age group who also have poor vision.

With help from a trusted in-home caregiver from Home Care Assistance, your loved one can enjoy numerous activities to boost physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Call (760) 345-0001 today to learn how our comprehensive live-in and hourly services can be customized to benefit your loved one. Additionally, we can supplement your loved one’s care plan with our proprietary Balanced Care Method. This scientifically proven method relies on regular exercise, healthy diet, socialization and mental stimulation to boost overall wellbeing. Let us customize a unique care plan for your loved one when you call today.


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