Top 5 Thanksgiving Movies for Seniors to Watch with Their Families

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Great Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Movies to Watch with the Elderly in Palm Desert, CA

Thanksgiving Day often begins with watching the various holiday parades and football games. After your family enjoys a sumptuous feast, seniors and their Palm Desert, CA, caregivers might gather around the TV to relax and watch these popular Thanksgiving movies. 

1. Dutch

In order to do something special for his girlfriend, a blue-collar construction worker, played by Ed O’Neill of Married with Children and Modern Family fame, agrees to travel cross-country to bring the woman’s son home for the holidays. However, the disrespectful self-absorbed prep school teen is anything but appreciative or cooperative. Personalities clash on the way home, which serve to make a series of unforeseen and comedic mishaps more difficult for both. 

2. Son-in-Law

Pauly Shore plays the free-spirited city boy Crawl who agrees to accompany his farm-raised college friend Rebecca home for Thanksgiving. She hopes that the pairing might serve to discourage the unwanted advances of a hometown suitor that her family adores. Comedy, conflict and hijinks ensue, as her hippy-like boyfriend does not enamor the family. 

3. Home for the Holidays

An all-star cast delights audiences in a tale that combines comedy, drama and romance. The holiday looks bleak for a woman who loses her job. Her daughter prefers spending Thanksgiving with her significant other and friends, which leaves Claudia with the prospect of being alone until she resolves to go home for a visit with her quirky family. 

4. Pocahontas

The Disney version of the events that led to the first Thanksgiving and the fictionalized romance between the Powhatan princess and John Smith remains a holiday favorite for many families. The amazing animation and the talents of the voice actors combine with the memorable soundtrack to create a pleasant viewing experience for all. 

5. The New World

Colin Farrell stars in this fictional account of the relationship between Captain John Smith and Pocahontas. Amidst the love story, viewers get a glimpse of the hardships encountered by the colonists, which included the cultural differences between the English settlers and the Native American inhabitants. 

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