Plastic Surgery: Is It Safe for My Elderly Loved One?

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Is Cosmetic Surgery a Safe Option for My Senior Loved One in Palm Desert, CA?

As plastic surgery becomes more common among younger people, an increasing amount of seniors are opting to undergo these cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery is often seen as a safe and easy way to look younger and more attractive to boost confidence and self-esteem. While it may have some aesthetic benefits, elderly plastic surgery is still an important decision that seniors and their family caregivers in Palm Desert must consider carefully.

According to Dr. Max Yezhelyev from the Vanderbilt University Department of Plastic Surgery, seniors do not experience more risks than younger people during plastic surgery. In his study, Dr. Yezhelyev examined postoperative complications after plastic surgery. A group of seniors with an average age of 69 had a 1.94 percent rate of complications, whereas a group of younger people with an average age of 39 and a 1.84 percent rate of complications. With these findings in mind, seniors do not have a significantly larger risk of complications during surgery compared to people 30 years younger than them.

Seniors may not face a higher number of severe health concerns, but this does not mean that their bodies react to plastic surgery in the same way as younger people. Dr. Michael Niccole, a plastic surgeon with a popular practice, cautions that seniors tend to heal at a much slower rate than their younger counterparts. Therefore, a relatively simple procedure for a younger person may result in months of recovery for a senior.

The lack of more dangers for seniors undergoing plastic surgery is most likely due to the caution that cosmetic surgeons practice before they agree to operate on an individual. Seniors may deal with more intensive screening beforehand to rule out any health problems that may cause an issue during the surgery. Seniors with high blood pressure, prescriptions for anticoagulants, or diabetes may not be able to have plastic surgery because they are far more likely to have health issues during or after the operation.

After undergoing plastic surgery, seniors often require special in-home care in Palm Desert to encourage a safe and efficient recovery. Home Care Assistance of Palm Desert is a leading care provider that promotes senior health and wellness for seniors recovering from surgery or injury in the comfort of home. Our experienced caregivers help seniors with personal care, medication reminders, and mobility support as they recuperate from surgery. To learn more about how we can help your loved one recover quickly and safely, contact a knowledgeable Care Manager at (760) 345-0001 today.


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