6 Fun Board Games That Stimulate Senior Cognition

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6 Exciting Board Games That Stimulate Brain Health in Palm Desert, CA

Board games are a fun and effective means for Palm Desert dementia caregivers to encourage seniors to enjoy the company of others while stimulating cognitive function. Many board games have been played for generations, which makes it easier for seniors with cognitive disorders to learn or remember. Following are six board games caregivers can play with seniors to boost cognitive function.

1. Bingo

The game easily accommodates a few individuals or a large group of people. In addition to playing the game using traditional letter and number combinations, bingo games are also versions that feature familiar animals, shapes or common objects.

2. Checkers

This popular game provides seniors with the opportunity to hone their strategy skills. Enlarged pieces and boards are easy to use for seniors with visual or physical limitations. Board games that require moving game pieces are also a wonderful way to boost fine motor skills for arthritic seniors.

3. Scrabble

The simple spelling game stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for letter recognition and memory recall. The words formed don’t have to be complicated for seniors to score major points and have fun. 

4. Monopoly

Along with the traditional board, Monopoly comes in a wide range of themes. Monopoly America takes players on a road trip to destinations around the country. Answer a trivia question correctly and a player gains a property for free. Other versions are based on specific U.S. cities, the Bible, astronomy and even popular movies. 

5. Pictionary

The popular game stimulates the creative and analytical centers of the brain as players create basic drawings designed to illustrate a single word. A variation of the game might include using pre-made illustrations that require seniors to match the correct picture with the word provided. 

6. Clue

This is a fun and easy game for Alzheimer’s caregivers in Palm Desert to play with seniors. Players must determine the criminal, the weapon and the location of the crime committed using clues that are picked up by journeying around the board. The game is ideal for stimulating critical thinking skills while offering elements of intrigue and mystery.

Playing with seniors is a great way to keep them mentally active and boost their self-esteem. That’s why Home Care Assistance incorporates our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM) in our clients’ care plans. We are a trusted provider of elder care in Palm Desert that trains our dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers in CTM, an activities-based program designed to stimulate mental function, delay the onset of memory loss, and boost self-esteem. Learn more by calling (760) 345-0001 today to talk to an experienced Care Manager.


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