Can Parkinson’s Be Treated with Cholesterol Medication?

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Can Cholesterol Medications Treat Parkinson's in Palm Desert, CA?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects many seniors and often leads to difficulties with body movement, tremors, stiff muscles, and speech. It’s chronic condition with no current cure, but a clinical trial by the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine may provide some hope to seniors who receive Parkinson’s home care in Palm Desert

Studies with Statins

Statins have previously shown to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s. However, the only studies conducted, such as the one by Dr. Jacqueline Wright for the ARIC, observed people who were already using statins to lower their cholesterol before developing PD. The new medical trial is significant because it will test whether or not statins have any effect on people who already have Parkinson’s but do not have high cholesterol. Currently, it is unclear if statins reduce Parkinson’s symptoms or slow the progression of the disease, but hopefully, this trial will shed some light on the subject.

Cholesterol Medication Trials

In addition to the previous studies with statins, recent clinical trials indicate that Simvastatin, a drug commonly used to lower high cholesterol, also inhibits alpha-synuclein clumping. These alpha-synuclein clumps are a hallmark of Parkinson’s and the clumps may contribute to the brain deterioration experienced by those with PD. Because of this, a new trial began to see if Simvastatin could help treat Parkinson’s. The clinical trial will use 198 volunteers with Parkinson’s disease. Before the study, none of the test subjects were taking statins. Volunteers will be given Simvastatin and their results will be monitored over an extended period of time. If the results are positive, the study leaders hope to get Simvastatin approved as a Parkinson’s treatment within the next five years.

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