The Main Causes of Dementia Among Seniors

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Main Causes of Senior Dementia in Palm Desert, CA

All forms of dementia are the result of nerve cell damage in the brain, though each type of dementia affects people in different ways depending on the location of the damaged neurons. According to the National Institutes of Health, one in seven Americans age 71 and older has some type of dementia. Home Care Assistance Palm Desert can identify and explain a few of the most common causes of dementia among seniors.

Alzheimer’s Disease

This is the most common cause of progressive dementia in seniors aged 65 and older. With this type of dementia, mood and personality changes are common. Confusion, poor judgment, and difficulties with speech and reading are also observed.

Vascular Dementia

Stroke is the primary cause of vascular dementia. Symptoms associated with this type of dementia include poor judgment and difficulty with organization and planning. The symptoms can vary dramatically depending on which area of the brain is affected.

Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB)

In DLB, small deposits of protein form in the cortex portion of the brain. Decision-making skills and memory are most often compromised with this type of dementia. Additionally, seniors with DLB may experience trouble with movement and disrupted sleep.

Parkinson’s Dementia

About 50 to 80 percent of seniors with Parkinson’s will develop this type of dementia, and the symptoms are very similar to those of DLB. With PD-related dementia, symptoms begin to show approximately 10 years after a Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

This type of dementia is caused by a long-term deficiency of thiamine, also known as vitamin B-1. The most common reason for Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is excessive alcohol consumption over a long period of time. The primary symptoms are typically related to memory loss and confusion.

Huntington’s Disease

Huntington’s disease is a genetic disorder that primarily affects motor activities, but cognitive symptoms can also manifest. These cognitive symptoms can progress to dementia if left unchecked, which can affect memory, judgment, mood, and sleep.

While dementia is a difficult disorder to manage, there are resources available to seniors with the condition. Home Care Assistance is one such resource that provides flexible dementia care for Palm Desert seniors on an as-needed basis. Our trusted caregivers use our patented Cognitive Therapeutics Method to help slow mental decline and promote a sense of pride and accomplishment among seniors with cognitive disorders. Call us today at 760.345.0001 to learn more about the Cognitive Therapeutics Method and schedule your free consultation.


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