Helpful Knee Exercises That Ease Arthritis Pain

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Great Knee Exercises for Relieving Arthritis Pain in Palm Desert, CA

When seniors have arthritis in their knees, it is still important for Palm Desert home care professionals to encourage them to exercise. Mobility is maintained when a senior moves as often as possible. The pain often becomes less severe and the senior typically experiences increased flexibility when he or she performs the following knee exercises.

Hip Marches

Encourage your senior to grab the top edge of a straight chair while standing behind it. Start the exercise by having him or her bend the right knee so that the leg extends out behind your loved one. Have your loved one hold the pose for a four count and then put it back down. Repeat on the other leg. Ideally, the senior will do 10 repetitions of this exercise. 

Wall Squat

While the senior may be too unsteady to do a normal squat, he or she may be able to do one when supported by a wall. Live-in and hourly caregivers in Palm Desert should encourage their seniors to put their backs against the wall and squat down as far as possible. They will need to hold the position for a four count before rising back up.

Seated Leg Lifts

Seniors who are too unbalanced to do standing exercises can still exercise their arthritic knees. While seated in a straight chair, have your loved one lift his or her leg straight out in front of him or her as high as possible. He or she must hold the position for as long as possible before placing it back on the floor and repeating on the other side. Again, doing the exercise 10 times on each side is ideal.

Partial Squats

Grab the upright chair again and have the senior hold the top edge of it for this exercise. While holding the edge to steady him or herself, encourage the senior to squat down. Have him or her slowly rise back up and repeat the squat 10 times. All movement should be done slowly without any jerking motions. 

Straight Leg Raises

Try to get the senior to lie on his or her back on the floor with one leg bent upward at the knee. Have your loved one lift the other leg as high as the upright knee. He or she should hold this position as long as possible before placing it back on the floor. 

Seniors with arthritis aren’t the only ones who benefit from exercise. In fact, many home care providers like Home Care Assistance believe that exercise is a key component in senior wellbeing. Additionally, we provide specialized stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s care Palm Desert families can trust. Call us at (760) 345-0001 today to learn more about our revolutionary methods and how they can help your senior loved one age in place with dignity.


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