Restore Your Youth with a Revolutionary Capsule

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How a New Pill Promotes Anti-Aging in Palm Desert, CA

Men and women of all ages spend countless amounts of money on cosmetics and cosmetic procedures to maintain an appearance of youth. However, a recent discovery made by a team of researchers from MIT may soon provide all with a natural alternative that promises to rejuvenate the body systems from the inside out. Whether you’re an adult, senior, or family caregiver in Palm Desert, this revolutionary capsule may benefit your vitality.

Along with five Nobel-winning scientists, Dr. Lenny Guarente reported that he and his team discovered a group of metabolic enzymes known as sirtuins that successfully expanded the lifespan of laboratory animals. A team from Harvard analyzed Guarente’s findings and learned that the enzyme responsible for these amazing effects is now known as NAD. When administered to two-year-old mice for a period of one week, the cells and tissues of the mice reverted back to those commonly found in six-month-old animals. 

The group conducted their studies at the Center for Scientific Aging Research in the renowned MIT. The researchers have also transformed their discovery into pill form, which is made using natural ingredients. Under the label of Elysium Health, Guarente and associates call their product Basis. The effects of the pill have not been studied on human subjects. However, given the findings thus far, more than two-dozen advising scientists who specialize in the field of aging gave the group approval to begin manufacturing. 

Without the need for pharmaceutical components, the MIT researchers gain the advantage of producing and retailing their pills without needing lengthy trials and extensive studies that are typically required for FDA approval. However, the team will not have the ability to patent their formula. 

Aging is not considered a medical condition. Nevertheless, as people age they become more susceptible to developing any number of medical problems due to cellular, tissue and organ deterioration. With this in mind, the group led by Dr. Guarente is focused on offering their product as a means to boost longevity and vitality, a goal they share with Palm Desert home care agencies like Home Care Assistance.

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