3 Exciting Mardi Gras Activities for Your Senior Loved One

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Mardi Gras Activities Seniors Enjoy in Palm Desert, CA

Mardi Gras is always 46 days before Easter. Traditional Fat Tuesday colors include purple, symbolizing royalty, gold, which represents power, and green for faith. This festival is an opportunity for you to share happiness with your aging parents. Palm desert senior home care experts discuss 3 wonderful activities you can do with your senior loved one to celebrate this day.

1. Cook Mardi Gras Gumbo with Crowns

Nothing says New Orleans like a big pot of gumbo. Help your aging loved one prepare it from your favorite gumbo recipe. While the gumbo is cooking, unroll a prepared pie crust and cut it into Mardi Gras crowns. Place the crowns on parchment paper lined on a cookie sheet. Next, bake for 6 to 8 minutes in a 425-degree oven until the crowns turn light brown. Once the gumbo is done, place it in a serving bowl and top it with the Mardi Gras crowns.

2. Make Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras decorations are the perfect way to add some color to your loved one’s living space. Start by combining 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of water. Mix until the mixture is no longer lumpy and holds together when squeezed. Lay the mixture out on a protected table surface and let your loved one create a mask. Once it is done, let the mask dry for at least 72 hours before painting it with acrylic paints. Finally, finish the mask with a clear coat of acrylic spray.

3. Create Mardi Gras Coasters

Make your Fat Tuesday last all year long by making coasters from Mardi Gras beads. Let your senior loved one decide how big the coaster should be. A 16-inch string of Mardi Gras beads can make a 3-inch coaster. Cut a circle of desired size out of a piece of felt. Let your loved one find the space where two beads mesh together and cut the string at this point. If a medallion is on the string, use pliers to remove it. Place some glue in the middle of the felt circle, then wrap the beads in a circle on top of the felt until it is completely covered, starting in the middle. Lay the coaster on a flat surface to dry overnight. In the final step, add a stitch at the beginning and the end to further secure the beads to the felt. 

Mardi Gras and other events offer a range of senior-friendly activities, some of which may require encouragement and assistance. Professional caregivers at Home Care Assistance can help seniors with crafting and other activities while helping them manage their health and wellbeing. Our Cognitive Therapeutics Method includes a range of exercises to help enhance cognitive function and motor skills in seniors, making crafting and other activities easier to participate in. To learn more about our high-quality hourly and live-in care, Palm Desert families can reach us at (760) 345-0001.


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