Can Doctors Use the Montessori Method to Treat Alzheimer’s?

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Can the Montessori Method Treat Alzheimer's Disease in Palm Desert, CA?

The Montessori method was originally created as a way to teach children based on their current needs and interests. The method assigns tasks that are just slightly beyond their capabilities to ensure they don’t get frustrated with difficult tasks and give up. This method of teaching is now being used by Alzheimer’s caregivers in Palm Desert to help those with the disease relearn some tasks on their own. It emphasizes individual engagement and a calm, comforting connection between caregivers and the seniors they care for.

How It Works

One of the main reasons the Montessori method has proven successful for people with Alzheimer’s is because the lessons are designed to engage the all five senses. This means that both sides of the brain are working in unison to solve relatively complex problems. It also means that seniors are fully engaged in solving the problems and this helps with retention of the information. Researchers have found that using sensory methods of teaching helps those with Alzheimer’s and dementia use the parts of their memory that usually aren’t affected by their condition. 

How to Implement the Montessori Method

Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers in Palm Desert can use this method in a practical way to help seniors reconnect with their long-term memory, which usually isn’t affected right away. Some ways to implement the Montessori method are by helping senior loved ones perform tasks that they are more familiar with. Some examples include hands-on puzzles and educational games, folding laundry, connecting blocks, or using safe cooking tools in a kitchen environment. It’s important for seniors to use their interests to engage themselves in tasks that will help them tap into and reconnect with their long-term memories. This not only helps them feel connected to those around them, but also gives a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

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