Winter Activities for the Elderly to Enjoy with Their Adult Children

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Fun Winter Activities for Seniors to Enjoy in Palm Desert, CA

Playing with food can be fun way for Palm Desert elderly care providers and their senior parents to spend the winter months. Creating these lovely snacks is so much fun that the pair of you may not want to eat them when you are through. They are made from ingredients that you may already have on hand.

Covered Wagon

Creating a covered wagon from snack foods is a simple project for a chilly winter’s day. Start by cutting a graham cracker with a sharp knife until you have two quarters, two eighths, and a sixteenth. Trim two pretzel sticks until they are roughly ½ inch longer than the quarter graham cracker. Melt some chocolate chips in the microwave and cover one side of four Mini Fudge Stripes cookies with the chocolate. Stick your pretzels sticks onto two of the cookies holding the sticks in place until they have set. Attach the other two cookies to the top of the pretzel sticks forming the axles for your wagon. Now, choose a right facing and a left facing animal cracker. Use some frosting to attach a full graham cracker sheet to the top of your axles. Lay down another graham cracker and set the wheels on it to serve as your base. Use the quarter graham crackers to build the back of your wagon. Position a giant marshmallow in the wagon to serve as its load. Put frosting on the feet of the animals and position them in front of your wagon. Finally, insert a Teddy Graham in the wagon to serve as the driver. Use a Twizzler to make reins for Teddy to drive the animals looping it from one of Teddy’s hands around the animals and back to the other securing it with a little frosting.

Edible Flowers

While it may be hard to find any flowers in the garden this time of year, you can certainly make some beautiful ones in the kitchen with your senior parent. An easy one can be made from a medium sized tomato. Start by peeling a tomato in the same way that you would an apple. Then simply roll up the peel, shaping the flower as you go. Eat the rest of the tomato in a healthy salad and use the tomato flower to top it off.

Racecar Celery

You can easily fashion nutritious celery into racecars with your senior loved one. Start by washing the celery and cutting it into strips about two inches long. Then, fill each strip with peanut butter. Place a raisin near the end of the peanut butter to be your driver. Attach wheels made from carrots using toothpicks.

In addition to having some fun this winter, these food-based activities also benefit senior health. Contact Home Care Assistance at (760) 345-0001 today to learn more about creative ways to boost your loved one’s wellbeing in the comfort of home. Our comprehensive live-in and hourly care in Palm Desert encourages seniors to maintain healthy diets, daily exercise and positive relationships with friends and family. Learn how else your loved one will benefit from our services today.


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