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We take great pride in hiring the best caregivers in the industry and providing extensive training and support to them. Below are some thoughts about working with us that our caregivers have shared with us. We have also been recognized as an Employer of Choice by Home Care Pulse (an independent 3rd party that benchmarks home care agencies likes ours nationally using caregiver surveys)!



Home Care Assistance Testimonials

“Since the day of my Orientation I was so impressed by Home Care Assistance and the company’s methods of Caregiving, I knew this was a Company I wanted to work with.
Most companies I have worked for in the past years have had no interest in the quality of the Caregiver and very little interest in the daily needs of a Client.
Our seniors are very special people. Home Care Assistance believes that, as do I. This is what makes Home Care Assistance stand out from the rest.
I am very proud to represent the Company and look forward to much more time working with executives who truly want the best from a Caregiver and the best for the Client.”

— Respectfully, Maureen M

“I would like to thank you, for interviewing me last October, 2015, for a job as a caregiver in your organization.  It was a first for me, doing an online application applying for a job, something I knew nothing about. I filled out application, leaving some blank spaces, but you were kind enough to call me back and explain them. Two days later I was called in and with other job seekers applying, was treated fairly, and I was told out of some 30 people usually only 3 were brought back for orientation. Being I was older, said goodbye to job, but surprise, was called back, and hired . I had good references, as I had gone to school in Florida and was a CNA, and had many things in common with the clients I would care for.  I was off and running and thrilled to be chosen by such a young new business.
I am pleased with the Company, owned by Nikhil A. Mehta, Owner/CEO and his wife Kavita Mehta. They are both hard working , in a stressful field, with never ending calls, and when they say 7 days a week, 24 hours, it is meant and followed thru. This business trains their employees, making their employees valuable to their clients. We have courses online monthly, we are asked if we have any problems, and they listen, something many employers do not do.
They meet us at new clients’ homes to introduce us and to make sure we will work out with the client and their circumstances. They have to depend on those they hired to do a good job, and that their caregivers all get along, working as a unit. I am proud to work for this growing company, and I tell people I know that I have a job that makes my day pleasant. I am also pleased to know Janetta Rhodes, a trooper in all ways, as she roller skates instead of walking. My best to this growing company, Home Care Assistance of Palm Desert.”

— Respectfully, Saundra Kaye Houston, Caregiver of the Month, February 2016

“What is a Caregiver?
I am sure your first answer would be;  
“To give physical assistance to a person unable to care for themselves.”
Yes… you would be correct with that accurate answer.
However, that is just a small part of what is involved in being a caregiver.
As a Caregiver, representing Home Care Assistance, we are taught and expected to be as stated above but encouraged to offer much more.
Creating an environment of calmness and purpose in a client’s day through communication and social ties helps to fulfill the loneliness and pain they might be experiencing.  In addition, fresh and healthy meals cooked with the foods they enjoy can light up one’s face and attitude. 
Personally being a Caregiver is not just a job but a calling that fulfills my soul.”

— Respectfully, Marsha Winner, Caregiver of the Month, August 2016

“I feel that I work for an outstanding company because they care about caregivers as much as they care about clients. They make sure that they train us and they give us support and advice any time I call them. They also encourage us to go beyond just physical needs to encourage us to also focus mental and social needs of our clients.
I also enjoy doing the Cognitive Therapeutics Method program. I wish I had this program in the past because I could have helped so many people! CTM has improved my client’s mental ability and also her physical abilities. She now sees all the possibilities and wants to do so much more in her life!”

— Respectfully, Jill Lopez